As endurance enthusiasts, we are known for striving to be the best athletes possible. 


In 2013, we prepared to embark on our first endurance event and like many others who have come before us, we started researching the recommended nutrition and training programs. It quickly became apparent that the "ready to drink" (RTD) beverages on the market were only partially effective in that they were "reactive" in their effect. Meaning? They only passively replaced carbohydrates and electrolytes consumed or eliminated during physical activity. For the last 40+ years, the "sports drink" industry has achieved little innovation, formulated with artificial ingredients, lots of sugar, and “reactive” properties. With a passion for sports and fitness, and with a (we'll admit it!) somewhat-selfish mission to reach peak endurance performance, we teamed up with leading nutrition scientists to develop the first ever “proactive” sports drink or as we like to say, the first ever endurance drink. Utilizing our biomedical engineering background, months of research, and personal trial/error, INVIGORADE® was born!


INVIGORADE officially launched in 2014, paving the way for a new generation of endurance drinksIn 2015, INVIGORADE partnered with world-famous professional cyclist Greg LeMond, the only American winner (3x) of the most prestigious race in cycling, the Tour de France. INVIGORADE has become a fast favorite amongst competitive cyclists, triathletes, runners, CrossFitters, obstacle racers, and other athletes for its aid in endurance performance, Non-GMO Project verified and natural ingredients, low sugar content, and great taste.  INVIGORADE can currently be found at many top endurance shops, gyms, and grocery retailers.

"Never innovate to compete, innovate to change the rules of the game" -- David O. Adeife

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