You hear it from spectators at every race.  It's good advice.  And INVIGORADE, the drink specifically formulated to maximize endurance performance, can help you do it. 

Keep up your STAMINA
INVIGORADE provides more stamina with an exclusive Tri-Carbohydrate Blend.
INVIGORADE combines maltodextrin, pure cane sugar and dextrose in specific proprietary ratios resulting in more available energy, better stomach comfort and improved performance. It provides the optimal combination of low glycemic (slow uptake) to high glycemic (fast uptake), monosaccharide to polysaccharide, and low to high osmolality carbohydrates for superior uptake and utilization. It minimizes feelings of nausea, cramping and fullness. Plus, it results in as much as 50% less sugar than traditional sports drinks.

Keep up your HYDRATION
INVIGORADE replaces what’s lost during endurance exercise with H2O and electrolytes.
INVIGORADE provides the two most important electrolytes for endurance performance, sodium and potassium, in specific balanced quantities to maintain optimal hydration through intracellular and extracellular fluid balance. Sodium and potassium are the main electrolytes lost through sweat during endurance exercise and they’re necessary for the digestive, cardiac, muscular and nervous systems to function.
Keep up your MUSCLE pH
INVIGORADE extends endurance and shortens recovery with ß-alanine.
INVIGORADE provides amino acid ß-alanine which helps keep muscle pH in the optimal range for performance. ß-alanine does this by combining with the plentiful amino acid histidine in the body to form carnosine, a powerful hydrogen ion (H+) buffer in muscles. H+ buildup is accelerated during high-intensity endurance exercise and is what causes muscle pH and performance to drop. Elevated levels of carnosine buffer H+ buildup, maintaining optimal muscle pH longer. So muscles can keep performing longer, and recovery is shorter.

Functional Flavor from Natural Ingredients
INVIGORADE delivers functional flavor.
The flavor of INVIGORADE is ideal for consistent, continued consumption during endurance exercise. It is pleasantly easy to drink. It satisfies without overwhelming. The increased consumption this unique flavor promotes amplifies the performance benefits of INVIGORADE.
INVIGORADE is Non-GMO Project verified and natural.
INVIGORADE uses pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup or crystalline fructose. It uses sea salt for sodium. It contains no preservatives and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.


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