Fitness Scavenger Hunt

// // Fitness Scavenger Hunt

When was the last time you went on a good ole' fashioned scavenger hunt?

You know, the kind where you grab a camera (Okay, camera PHONE), a few friends, and a laundry list of tasks that must be completed and documented before you dare return to home base.
Well, we've got 48 hours of weekend ahead of us (72, if you're one of the lucky ones to get President's Day off) and we've got a challenge for you: Grab some friends and make some memories with our "Fitness Scavenger Challenge." Because there's no reason why fitness can't = fun. 
Duration: 4 Miles Out-and-Back Run
Group in teams of a few people each and head out in different directions, ideally with a tracking app like Map My Run or Runkeeper uploaded so you can keep track of time and mileage! As soon as you hit two miles, turn around and come home, Lassie. 
Your list is as follows:
  • Stuck at a crosswalk? Everyone must do the Macarena until the light turns green again! (Don't you dare forget the quarter-turn jump that comes along with it!) 
  • See a park bench? Don't run by it! Everyone must do 15 tricep dips before moving on. 
  • Attempt to high-five every person you encounter on your run.        
  • 10 lunges for every cop you see
And every time you reach a new mile, you're to do: 

1-mile mark: Stop immediately. As a group, do 10 lunges. Each time you lunge, shout out a favorite fruit or vegetable.
    2-mile mark: Stop immediately. Everyone must drop and do 10 burpees
      3-mile mark: Switch from running to galloping for 15 seconds. As a group, count seconds aloud in kangaroos. That is: “1 kangaroo, 2 kangaroos, 3 kangaroos…” 

      4-mile mark: You made it! Exchange stories and photos if you remembered to take any. Then, head to Fresh & Easy to replenish yourselves with INVIGORADE and while you're there, we have one more challenge for you:
      Take a photo of yourself with INVIGORADE (like these fine folks did below) and be entered to win entry to the RACE OF YOUR CHOICE in 2015! Yes, you read that right. No matter your race of preference (as long as it's in the U.S.!), we've got you covered. We'll pay so you can play. But first, we must see your Fresh & Easy pics! Simply upload and tag on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and BOOM: You're entered! Good luck everyone.... #KeepItUp




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            March 16, 2015

            I would love to use your Mall Mission clue sheet as a template for my dgaehtur’s birthday; so cute! I can’t seem to find the generic, downloadable version though. Is there any way you can email to me? Thanks!

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