The Perfect Pushup

// // The Perfect Pushup

Push ups. We all do ‘em. Or at least we try right?

Push ups are great for building upper body strength, but also core and leg strength if you are doing them right. We heard through the grapevine that some of you may be doing push ups all wrong, so we came to set things straight.

  1. Plank it up. Get in to your perfect plank position! This means arms straight out below you, (no wibbly wobbling) slightly wider than shoulder width apart, toes down to the ground (support that lower body!) and back flat as a plank! This means no bending in the spine (or as little as you can get), clench those abs and you are ready! Easy right?

  2. Gettin’ low. Now drop down low, eyes slightly ahead of you for neck protection. Not too high and not too low, neutral spine is what we’re going for.

  3. Touch the ground. Or dont. If you aren’t there yet, go as low as you can and then push back up with that perfectly straight spine we talked about earlier. (Keep that butt up!)

  4. Elbows in! Make sure your shoulders are down the back of your spine and your elbows are inline with your body. 45 degree angles is what we’re looking for at the bottom of the push up.

  5. BREATH OUT! Do it. Do it at the bottom of the push up, right as you use all of your strength to lift yourself back up to that perfect plank position.

  6. Now do it again! Like 20 more times!

  7. Done? Done. Good!

So there you have it. You will begin to feel all this pushing up in your core, the tops of your legs, your shoulders and arms. Push ups are your friends. Get to know them. And #KeepItUp!





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