9 Ways to Be Fit During Your Workday

// // 9 Ways to Be Fit During Your Workday

Do you ever feel like you just don’t have time to get in any solid exercise? You know the feeling: Work all day, drive home and the thought of making it to the gym or going out for a bike ride just  isn't as appealing as it was when you woke up that morning. Putting off exercise happens to the best of us, and being busy at work is not something you can always control. So here are 9 ways to incorporate fitness into even the most busy work schedule.

1.  Set an alarm every hour. On the hour, get up from your desk and do 10 push ups! Or 2 minutes of wall sits. Or rest in plank position for 60 seconds. The possibilities are endless! This is also fun to do with coworkers, grab a friend and keep each other motivated every hour to do something different. Whoever can do the most buys the other lunch!


2.  Walking and talking. If you are on the phone a lot for your job, make it a priority to get outside and move your body. Mobile phones have made it easier for us to do work remotely, so take advantage of your hour long phone call at 11 every day and go out for a stroll!


3. Install a pull up bar. If you happen to have your own office, putting a pull up bar across the door can be a great way to get a short and sweet workout in. Every time you walk through, do 3 pull ups and then get back to business.


4. Take a lunch break. All too often we sit at our desks, eating lunch and trying to write that report at the same time. Don’t put yourself through that! Take your hour lunch, and do a 15 full body workout. For example: (5 rounds) 10 push ups, 15 sit ups and 20 squats. (Check out The Traveling WOD for more "do it anywhere" workouts!) After your 15 minutes of burn, shower off, drink some INVIGORADE and get back to lunch. All this can be done easily in under and hour. Once you're done it's back to work!   


5.  Reward yourself with a walk. Every time you finish a project, complete that worksheet, or even just finish all your emails, reward yourself with a walk. Go down the block and grab a coffee, or walk to the park and call your sister. Getting outside more often isn’t just better for you, but you’ll move around a lot more during the day. This can help keep your body active and limber until the next time you hit the gym.


6.  Take the stairs. This sounds really simple, and guess what: It is. If you work in an office building on the 5th floor, take the stairs to your office. Going up and down the stairs 3 or 4 times and know that you're burning about 7 times more calories than taking an elevator! #FunFact


7.  Park farther away from your office. This is another one of those little tricks that we never really think about. Make yourself walk the extra quarter mile away from your place of work, it will increase the amount of steps taken in any given day and BONUS: It will also make it easier to find parking! 


8.  Stretch! This is one we almost never think about! Stretching is the number one way to avoid injury, and sitting at a desk all day can really mess up your back. You can do this any time you get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink or water. Take 30 seconds to do this: Roll your head in both directions. Roll your shoulders both directions. Roll your wrists out (typing can be very stressful on your wrists), link your hands behind your back and stretch out your chest muscles, touch your toes (or try!) and shake it out.


9.  Stand and work. Finally, the number one way to stay active and burn calories at work. Just simply stand. Standing improves your posture, burns more calories, and protects your back, wrists and neck from injury.


Even if you cant make it to the gym after work, you can still maintain or improve on your fitness goals! #KeepItUp, to all you hard workers out there!






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