Fitness Apps & Why They Are Awesome

// // Fitness Apps & Why They Are Awesome

Who has apps? Everyone has apps! They are like pocket trainers and friends who keep nagging you (in the most motivating way possible) to come to the gym with them. Here are 7 apps that all INVIGORADE drinking athletes (aspiring or otherwise) should have on them.

Strava - Running long distances? Or short ones? And also biking? Are you super competitive? This app is the app for you. Strava can track your running, or biking activities, upload them to their community and compare your results to your past times, your friends and even pro athletes. It keeps track of your PR’s on hills or long stretches of road and lets you know when you’ve beaten them. It tracks distance, split times, calories burned, and can even track your heart rate! Strava is addicting and makes working out alone feel like a team sport.

Surfline - Never been surfing before? But you really want to start, you just can’t figure out when the waves are good or where to go? Surfline monitors the waves near you, gives you a report on wave height, if the tide is going in or going out, wind conditions, predicted surf height and wind speed for the rest of the day, and even shows you a live video footage of the beach. It’s every surfer's best friend.

Mountain Project - The Mountain Project app is the app for going climbing outdoors. This app gives you access to 100,000 + climbing routes. It tells you where there are climbing routes in the US as well as internationally. You can download hundreds of routes for one area, as well as how to get there, accommodations, comments from previous climbers, classic routes, and lets you know about access issues or potential hazards. It is perfect for beginners and seasoned rock climbers to get themselves out of the gym and on to some real rock!

Lose it! - This list wouldn’t be complete without a nutrition app would it? Lose it! is the most helpful app for people trying to watch what they are putting in their bodies. It identifies your current weight loss or weight maintenance goals, your current weight, height, and gender and then helps you craft a meal plan to meet these goals. Unlike other weight loss apps, it doesn’t just focus on weight. It also focuses on macronutrients, sleep, exercise, and measurements. It also lets you scan the barcodes of your food and inputs the calories, making calorie counting easier than ever. If you have nutrient related goals, Lose it! is the app for you.

Jetfit - This day and age we are all about big data. How many calories do we eat? How many to we burn for this much time? Whats the best way to build muscle? How many minutes have we been working out this month? We even get into the seconds of time we improve on our PR’s. Jetfit is like a personal trainer that knows everything about your workout routine. You can monitor your progress, design new workouts with over 1300 to chose from and get statistics from the workouts when you are done. Big data is your friend.

The Seven Minute Workout - For the busy bees out there, The Seven Minute Workout is a great way to get a full body workout without taking too much time out of your day. The app speaks to you and tells you how many reps to do, when to switch and how long to hold on. It isn’t the best if you are looking to improve, but if you need some easy fitness maintenance this is the app for you.

Pact - Want to make money and workout at the same time? Sounds awesome right? Well there is a catch! Pact is an app that keeps you going to the gym, or you will get fined a certain amount of money. You link your bank account to the app and when you do go to the gym you get cash from the people who are not going. But! If you don’t go you get that money taken out of your account and it goes to someone else! Tricky tricky.


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