Rock Climbing Techniques For The Endurance Athlete

// // Rock Climbing Techniques For The Endurance Athlete

Last week, climbers Tommy Caldwell and Keven Jorgeson reached the summit of El Capitan in Yosemite.

Fingers bleeding and bodies battered by a series of falls, Tommy and Keven completed a 19 day journey and a dream 7 years in the making.

If you‘ve never considered rock climbing to be an endurance sport, we bet you do now. 

Their feat certainly got us thinking: What are some training exercises used by rock climbers that could help other endurance athletes? We’re taking a page out of their book and incorporating the following moves into our next workout. Feel free to follow suit!

Spiderman Pushup

This motion will further engage your obliques and triceps; important muscles for sports that involve swimming, rowing, and running.



Sets: 3

Reps: 14

Start in standard pushup position. As you lower your body to the floor, raise your right knee to your right elbow. As you push back up, return your foot to the starting position. Switch legs for the next pushup, and continue to alternate sides each rep.

Russian Twist

A strong core is crucial to progressing not only as a climber, but as an ultra-runner, triathlete, cross-country skier . . .the list goes on!

Sets: 2-3

Reps: 15

Sit on the ground with knees bent and lean back so that your feet come about six inches off the ground. Hold fists together if you’re a beginner or throw a free weight or medicine ball in if you’re more advanced. Tuck your elbows into your sides. Twist side-to-side quickly, touching the ground on either side of you.

Killer Squats

Rock climbers save the strength in their arms by using their legs and buttocks to lift their bodies. This exercise will come in handy for all you cyclists, runners, and CrossFit athletes alike!


Reps: As many as you can! 

Find something to help you balance. We recommend the back of a chair or a nearby beam. Hold your right leg out in front, and use your left leg to lower your body to a full squat. Do. This. Slowly.


Repeat with your left leg out in front.

We challenge you to incorporate each of these exercises into your training regime this week! Which do you find most effective for your body? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to keep your stamina up by hydrating with INVIGORADE!



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