3 Tips For Beginning Open Water Swimmers

// // 3 Tips For Beginning Open Water Swimmers

Lucky enough to live by the ocean or lake? Tired of simply sitting on the shores to watch the sunset and ready to (literally) dive-in? We hear ya. Located by the beach ourselves, the wide open water is a nice excuse to use Mother Nature as our personal gym as we work to stay fit!

But no matter how tempting it is to jump right in, swimming in the ocean is no joke. With a range of elements to consider (temperature, currents, etc.) you should do a little homework before you take the plunge. Good thing you have us ;)

3 Tips For Beginning Open Water Swimmers

Suit Up

Your old pair of board shorts from '95 or that string bikini isn't going to cut it. Invest in a comfortable fitting swimsuit that you won't be needing to constantly adjust as waves and currents jolt you around. The last thing you want to be doing is wasting your much-needed energy!

We cannot stress enough the importance of a brightly colored swim cap. God forbid you need help, you want your fellow swimmers and lifeguards to know where to find you amongst a sea of dark blue. 

If the water is particularly cold (like it can be here in SoCal! Warm weather doesn't always equate to warm waters) invest in silicone earplugs, as cold water entering your ear canal can result in swimmer's ear infections. And by sealing out cold water you can better prevent hypothermia. 

Overcome Anxiety

Hey, it can make us nervous, too. That strong current. The inability to see or touch the seabed below. Having others swim in close proximity to your (this is especially true during triathlons). But if you don't find ways to manage your stress trust us, it will get the best of you. Did you know holding your breath as you immediately dive into the ocean increases anxiety further? Exhale out as you enter the water, and always be a selfish swimmer. Meaning: Focus on the things you CAN control: your breathing pattern. Your arm strokes. Exhale into the water as you enter the ocean. Keep a calm, positive mind. If it just gets too much for you it's okay! Flip on your back and look up at the sky as you take a minute to adjust your breathing pattern and your thoughts. 

Wear Your Goggles UNDER Your Swim Cap

Short and sweet advice you'll thank us for. Putting your swim cap on over your goggles will help ensure they stay put come rough wave or wild-armed swimmer.


Many swimmers don't realize they're dehydrated because well, they're soaking wet. But just like any other endurance sport you still sweat even while you're swimming because your body still overheats. INVIGORADE is the perfect fuel for before, during, and after your swim. 

What are some tips you have for others who are just about to enter the world of ocean swimming? Tell us in the comments below!

Jump in, the water's fine.





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