3 Tips For Female Triathletes

// // 3 Tips For Female Triathletes

Let's face it: One size does NOT fit all when it comes to training for a triathlon, especially when you're a female vs. a male. Both physically, and mentally, women are built different than men. This should not only be celebrated, but optimized. 

Invest In The Right Sports Bra

You probably are sized and fitted for the bra you wear in your daily life, but can the same be said for your sports bra? Just like any other garment, you risk a good deal amount of pain should you train/race in a sports bra that isn't right for your frame. Cuts, rashes, and even blood: It's all what you may experience if you choose the wrong "support system." You should be able to breath but you also don’t want lots of loose fabric either.  We recommend a shock absorber bra or a sports bra that offers moving comfort which dry really quickly. Wearing a trisuit? Consider wearing another sports bra over your suit when once you transition to your run for extra support.

Flat Tires: Learn How To Change Them!

Practice, practice, practice. Practice changing your tubes at home, flat tire or not. Whip out a stopwatch and time yourself while you're at it. You never know what's going to happen when you're out on the course, but from our experience, the answer is always: ANYTHING. Flat tires suck, let's be honest. But so does a "DNF" and you might as well get comfortable doing your own changing and tacking on a few minutes to your overall time than risking a "DNF" after months of training. A few ways to minimize your risk: Check if you're threads are exposed. If so, switch your tire out completely. Keep in mind your rear tire will usually wear faster than the front, but switching them both out while you're at it will save you time and heartache in the end. 


No, not talking about the Fantasy Football league your office set up. We're talking about in the ocean. Draft, draft, draft. In general, those larger than you (see: Men) will create larger waves in the water. Why not use this to your advantage? Position yourself behind someone larger and a tad faster than yourself. Follow them in to the home stretch, and towards the end pull yourself to the side and put the energy you've been conserving to good work: Sprint your way to the finish!

Tips/ideas of your own? Don't forget to share them in the comments below! Now get out there and train!





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