Get to know Greg “LeMonster” LeMond, INVIGORADE’s Partner!

// // Get to know Greg “LeMonster” LeMond, INVIGORADE’s Partner!

So who is Greg LeMond? Or as he is also known: LeMonster.

Well first of all, Greg LeMond won the World Cycling Championships twice and the Tour de France three times. To this day he remains the only United States winner and he is one of only seven riders in the history of the Tour de France to win three or more Tours.

Let’s get that out of the way first.

LeMond is a California native, born in the town of Lakewood, he spent most of his childhood on a bicycle. No surprise there. LeMond started competing in 1976, and after dominating the Intermediate category (all 13-15 year olds) and winning the first 11 races he entered, he asked to be transferred into the older more seasoned competitors (all 16-19 year olds).

As he continued on to his cycling career LeMond was consistently the youngest and the first to do a lot of things in the cycling community. Check out the following accomplishments.

FIRST: American to win the elite Road World Championship.

FIRST: Professional cyclist to sign a million-dollar contract.

FIRST: Cyclist to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated

FIRST: American and youngest rider of any nationality in the history of cycling to win a major pro-am cycling event in Europe.

FIRST: American to win the Tour de France.

FIRST: American (at 21 years of age mind you) pro to win a medal at the World's since Frank Kramer took silver in 1912.

FIRST: In 1989 Sports Illustrated named him the "Sportsman of the Year", the first time a cyclist received the honor.

He also introduced all sorts of fancy new technology to the sport, including aerodynamic triathlon handlebars and carbon fiber bicycle frames. Thank LeMond for your improved triathlon times.

He has since stopped competing in 1994 and two years later he was inducted into the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame!

LeMond is the cycling champion we can all be proud of and we are honored  to be partnering with him. Welcome LeMond, and welcome to a new chapter with INVIGORADE.










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March 31, 2016

For the simple reason that you proved an American can win without cheating makes you my hero. Keep reminding everyone of that, and heck yeah I will buy your Invigorade!!! Continue the good fight to rid cycling of the scum cheaters!

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