Running Aftercare

// // Running Aftercare

“Run Forrest Run!”



How many of you are sick of hearing that on your long days? Although it’s a minor annoyance, it’s not the only one when it comes to running.

Here are 5 really great ways to take care of yourself after a run!  It is just as important as the run itself.



  1. Refuel

Protein, Carbs, INVIGORADE. The three major food groups. Make sure that you give your body those much needed vitamins! You are burning a lot of energy during your run, and you want to minimize stiffness and fatigue. Having food about 30 minutes after a run can make all the difference.





  1. Stretch

Your muscles are all warmed up from running, it is the perfect time to stretch them out. But do it gently! You don’t want to over stretch and create micro tears in the muscles of your legs. Stretching is the perfect way to make sure that when you wake up the next day, stepping out of bed feels great, instead of limping out of bed...


  1. Ice Ice Baby

Ice. We can not emphasize this enough. Ice. If you notice that there is a place on your body that needs special attention today, maybe the up hills were harder on your calves, or the downhills made your knees feel weak, put an ice pack on it. Ice helps reduce swelling and can prevent injuries! So ice!


  1. Cross Train

It’s ok to take a day off running and go for a bike ride too. If you are sore, biking, core work, weight lifting, or even just squats can really improve your running over all. Your body will thank you for giving your joints a rest for a day!



  1. Massage

The most fun part about working out is how amazing the massages feel afterwards. Take of those stinky running shoes, enjoy that shower, and then massage out the muscles in your feet. Or if you have a foam roller, go gently over your thighs, and calves. Gently though! The foam roller can be intense for first timers, don’t be discouraged by the intensity of the massage.



So go out there! Do that half marathon you’ve been training for, and remember to take care of yourself after. Self care is an important part of any work out. #KeepItUp





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