How To Workout From Anywhere

// // How To Workout From Anywhere

Traveling is great isn’t it? You get to see new places, try new food, lounge about near bodies of water, try new booze, explore different cities, try new food, attempt to speak a different language, try new food…


There is a pattern here.

Traveling is awesome, but we tend to indulge in all of our favorite vices when we travel. Is it because we are in the vacation mindset? Because we are like a kid in a candy store when it comes to new things? Or just because we get out of our routines and never find time to work out?

It could be all of the above, it could be something else entirely! Whatever it is, working out is hard to do when you are on the go.

But it doesn’t have to be!

Here are some fun and easy ways to get a good workout in, and still have time to try some brand new street food.


  1. Take a hike! This is a great one because, hey, two birds one stone right? Hiking is a really popular touristy thing anyway, so ask around and see if you can get to the top of that volcano in one day yeah?

  2. Don’t neglect opportunities to work out. If you are staying at a hotel with a gym, take advantage of that! Get up a few minutes earlier and do 30 minutes on the treadmill. Its the most expensive gym membership you will ever pay, so take advantage of it!

  3. Don’t be lazy. Or do, but make sure the laziness is paired with some strenuous activities as well. The lounging at the pool or tanning by the beach can feel that much better when you’ve just swam 25 laps, or made it to the buoy and back.

  4. When all else fails, do the burpee challenge. 10 burpees before you get into the shower, 10 burpees right as you get out of bed, burpees just for fun when you are getting ready to leave the hotel. Burpees for everyone!




Regardless of where you are, or what you are doing, you should be able to get some exercise throughout the day. Take advantage of the natural resources around you, go skiing, take a surfing lesson, go dancing at the club with friends or take that complimentary at-dawn yoga class. Enjoy your vacation, and enjoy the time to reconnect with your body, both physically and mentally. 


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