Best Workout Playlist (for each type of workout)

// // Best Workout Playlist (for each type of workout)

We all know that listening to music can help boost your workout routine, get the right beat and that 10 mile run seems like it’s already over. Find the perfect heavy metal song and the WOD doesn’t seem so bad right? Right.

The only problem is finding that perfect playlist, and in our experience, it’s different for every workout. So today we put our heads together to figure out what kind of music goes with what kind of workout! As well as some suggestions for specific playlists out there!

Yoga/Stretching: If your goal is to stretch your sore muscles and rejuvenate your mind, we recommend something relaxed. Let your mind go and focus on your breath right? So try something with little to no vocals and maybe a some medium tempo drumming to get you through Warrior Three.

Check out some of our favorite playlists here.



Running/Cardio: What's a run without a playlist?! Each runner can have their specific tastes and needs, and runs can vary in their difficulty. A super hilly run needs a little bit more dubstep than a flat beach run, but a long slow uphill requires focus and a steady beat that keeps you engaged and pumped up for the top of the hill, hip-hop or pop is pretty ideal for this. If you decided to do some hill sprints, some heavy metal can give you that extra boost.

If you are running a marathon, we recommend you plot out the course and give yourself a playlist that reflects the run. When you know you are about to hit ‘the wall’ maybe start playing some Eye of The Tiger to get you through it. (No joke, it works!)

Need a place to start? Check out this playlist: Half-Marathon Playlist




Lifting/WOD: Starting out slow, adding more and more weight, sweat dripping down the side of your face, just keep going, one more, and then another, and another. Lifting is hard work. You need sustained energy and power to #keepitup throughout your workout. For music, you want to start out the same way, something that builds on itself. Start with a slower beat and build up to heavier beats, more aggressive vocals and even some death metal to get you through that last rep.

Don’t have a playlist you like? Heres a good start: Motivational Workout Music

What music helps you produce the best gains? Let us know if you’ve got a favorite playlist by tweeting at us @INVIGORADE with the hashtag #MyKeepItUpPlaylist, we might just use it in our next workout!






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