The Definitive Guide to Bike Commuting

// // The Definitive Guide to Bike Commuting

It’s summer time right? Right. This means you have almost no excuse when it comes to bike commuting. And if you do, we are about to give you 5 reasons to make bike commuting part of your everyday routine.

  1. Commuter Jeans: They are a thing. Yeah. Comfortable, durable, stylish and practical. You can get them through Levis, Betabrand, and Osloh all make some great commuter clothes and jeans for both men and women. No more sweaty uncomfortable spandex that you change out of in the company bathroom, commuter jeans will change your life.

  1. Waterproof Pannier bags: Backpacks are a thing of the past, they pull on your shoulders and cause even more back pain (because sitting at a desk all day doesn’t hurt enough). So incomes the Pannier bags, all you need is a handy dandy bike rack, and the world on pannier bags is open to you. Thule, Arkel, Ortlieb and Nashbar all make some really good products. And don’t pretend you can’t fit everything you need into your new bags, these suckers can hold up to 40 litres each, totaling 80 litres of storage. That can definitely fit your laptop, school books, lunch and gym clothes.

  1. Topeak iPhone holder: No more getting lost in an unfamiliar part of town, no more forgetting to start your Strava before a ride. The Topeak iPhone holder is awesome. It comes with an iPhone case that you can put on your phone, and a mount for between your handlebars. The mount turns so you can view the screen in portrait mode or landscape. Make sure you never forget to track your bike ride again!

  1. Stylish Clipless Shoes: Bike commuting is made easier with clipless shoes. You can take those hills faster, the straight aways don’t take as much energy and in general your biking is more efficient. But regular biking shoes can be uh. . .  less than stylish for the casual rider. And then you have to carry around an extra pair of (stinky) shoes all day long. Fear not! The world has come out with plenty of stylish bike commuter shoes. Chrome is the most popular and affordable, but there are many other options; Fiveten, Quoc Pham, and DZR all make good shoes as well.

  1. It is so much better for you, obviously. Biking to work saves money on gas, gets you some cardio in every single day, it is better for the environment, you will miss out on traffic, you can get tax benefits from biking to work, you are more alert during the day, happier because of all those endorphins you release, never have to stress over parking spaces again, the list could go on and on and on! Biking to work makes sense, so start today! Oh and remember to pick up some INVIGORADE on your way out of the house to give you that extra boost on your way to work.





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