5 Awesome Exercises to Improve Running When You Can't Run

// // 5 Awesome Exercises to Improve Running When You Can't Run

Running is amazing. The feeling you get from that natural high is unforgettable, and the cleansing power of sweating out of all your pores can make you feel like a new person. Literally.

But problems happen, injuries are inevitable sometimes but people still want to improve right? Right.

Here are 5 workouts you can do when you are not able to run.

  1. Side shuffle

The side shuffle is like the first part of ‘The Time Warp’ but really fast and a lot longer. It’s just a jump to the left, and to the left and to the left and to the left. 10 times.

Place your feet a little bit wider than shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly, almost like you are doing a squat. Chest forward and back straight. It’s just a step to the right, 10 times and in quick succession. Do 3-5 sets of ten on either side to help strengthen your butt, hips and thighs. The side shuffle can also improve your flexibility!




  1. Side Hip Bridge

The side hip bridge is painful. But good for you. Do it.

Lay on your side with one arm propping you up, and your legs outstretched in line with your torso. Keep the hip facing down on the ground and your ankles touching, then at the same time as you lift your hips, lift your top ankle as well. You will see quickly that this is hard, but don’t give up! The Side Hip Bridge is really good for your IT band and core muscles. When you are running you want to make sure everything is centered and in line, tightening your core helps bring things into alignment. Do 20-30 reps on either side.


  1. ‘Clamshell’

Sounds like a hipster coffee shop, but is much better for your backside then all those sugary coffee drinks. The Clamshell workout is all about shaping those buns! Buns need to be shaped in order to run long distances. Don’t neglect the buns.

Lie on your side again, legs together and in line with your body. Then forget about your legs being in line and bend those knees. Take your top leg, lift the knee up at a 90 degree angle to your body (But keep those ankles together). It becomes obvious very quickly why it is called the ‘clamshell’ workout. 20-30 reps on either side.





  1. Side Leg lifts

Stand holding on to something to keep your balance. Then, keeping your core tucked in and your spine straight, put your right hand on your right hip and lift your right leg parallel to your body. (Or as parallel as you can get) 20-30 reps on either side help strengthens your gluteus medius. A thick muscle that is largely covered by the gluteus maximus. It works to turn the thigh inward so that the knee points toward your other leg -- while also steadying the pelvis. 


  1. Hip Thrust

The Hip thrust is a glute exercise that improves your strength speed and power. And it just might help improve your optimal hip extension as well. Why do you care about that?

Your glutes are the most powerful muscles in your body and if they are underdeveloped your speed, power and strength will all be compromised. Want to improve your marathon time? Work the glutes.

Lie on your back and bend your knees. Bring your heels to almost touching your backside, and lift your hips to the ceiling. You can also add weight to increase difficulty. 20-30 reps and call it a day.



Even though you can't run (at the moment) you can still #KeepItUp with the above exercises! 






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